Take A Moment…

Take a moment to stop and consider your blessings. As much as things may seem difficult, complicated or aggravating in your life right now, they could have been much worse.  The truth is that we have much to be grateful for.  We should always count our blessings! If we truly stop to count our blessings, … More Take A Moment…

Life Hacks

When we think of ‘Life Hacks,’ we think of some clever and unique way someone thought of that will make our lives easier. We think of shortcuts, time-savers, and automation. We could officially say that the words “Life” and “Hack” create a phrase that describes any hack, tips, and tricks that improving things quickly by … More Life Hacks

No More Drama!

What is drama? It is the unnecessary stress and strain on your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your relationships and everything that concerns you.  And yes, even your financial situation. People instinctively understand the need to defend their homes and families from dangerous predators and nefarious individuals looking to steal, damage or cause harm. Some … More No More Drama!

Where’s The Beef?

Of the many possible disappointments in life, there is one that ranks up there at the top (facetiously speaking of course). It is a nice looking large hamburger that when you take off the top bun to put on your condiments that you discover a radically undersized hamburger patty.  The bread, toppings, and height of … More Where’s The Beef?

The Toys Of Our Youth

Remember when you were a child?  Do you remember how fresh and exciting everything used to be? If you were fortunate enough, there was a simple toy from childhood that provided hours of great amusement.  It was simple in its construction, elegant in functionality and understated in its appearance.   We are speaking of the humble … More The Toys Of Our Youth

Which Do You Do?

As a pastor who happens to be a father….   And a father who happens to be a pastor…  I am often faced with the issue of teaching my children about life.  The interesting things are that now that my children are grown, one would think that the teaching and instruction stops.   However, the contrary is … More Which Do You Do?