We Are Thankful!









Yes, we know you are seriously busy today,

But we still wanted to take time to say,

Words that are kind and of blessing,

To build your faith and remove all guessing.

We will not speak the easily spilled words that are so cliché.

Nor of the fickle things that become passé.

Often times, words are so casually strewn,

But we choose to speak words that are carefully hewn,

Words we pray that will bless you,

Words that will cause the best you,

Words that will cause you to have reason,

To truly purse the things of God in this season.

Words that you will forever remember,

As we approach the month of December,

Words that will make you stop and consider,

That your life went to the highest bidder,

Jesus, who died on the cross for our sin,

By His Love we are born again,

But of all that could be so easily said,

It was Jesus that allowed His body to be bled.

It was truly the ultimate act of love,

That poured out God’s Divine Grace from above.

The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow

With hope, faith and anticipation, we look forward to tomorrow,

The LORD is Mighty, Awesome and of Unlimited Power,

He will deliver and bless you at the appropriate hour.

So, as we take time to pause,

Let us stop to consider the real cause…

We are eternally grateful for His Grace

And we know that one day we shall behold His face.

May you truly enjoy today and all that goes with living,

But make sure you stop and take time to celebrate The One who is Truly Worthy of Thanksgiving.


May God’s  Grace Abundantly Rain In Your Life!

-Apostle Ric & Prophetess Kathy Steele


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