The Repairers of the Breach – Part 2

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The Second Breach

As we stated before, as Christians, we are to be the repairers of the damage the enemy has done in people’s lives. Whether it is in the natural, spiritual or incorrect thinking. Part of being ‘A Repairer Of The Breach’ means that we must learn to recognize ‘Breaches’ in all its forms. John 4:1-26 tells the story of a Samaritan women at the well who met Jesus. When we study this story, we discover that she was in actuality, an Israelite. However, the Bible identifies her as Samaritan.

The Samaritan culture had a blended population including different ethnicities. This blended population also included Israelites. The Samaritan culture was a blended population that was the result of the influence and conquests of the Assyrians.

In the story of the Samaritan women at the well, the Lord reveals that there are three breaches. When we examine them, we discover that the same breaches are still in operation today. Let’s look at the Second Breach today.

Breach 2 – The Loss of Godly Identity

The Samaritan woman at the well was an Israelite by ethnicity and Samaritan woman by culture and identity. The Bible did not state that she was a Jew. The term ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ implies that there is adherence to the Torah and religious traditions.

One of the first things that happens when the enemy begins to strip people of their Godly heritage is to change the identity usually through the reassignment of their name. In Genesis, Chapter 2:19, we see that one of the very first recorded episodes of God interfacing with man is when God brought the animals to man ‘to see what he would name them’. The Bible then goes on to say that ‘and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof’. That was a great honor that God gave Adam.

Naming something and giving it an identity is so very important that it is included in the the very first Godly interactions with Adam mentioned in the Bible. The power to name something is incalculable. When you name something, you are assigning it an identity, attributes and even a destiny. When you incorrectly name something (perhaps you called a child stupid or you called a good situation, bad), you are still assigning to it an identity, attributes and even a destiny.

The Woman at the well was identified as a Samaritan. She had taken on the identity, attributes and even the destiny of the blended culture of the Samaritans. At the time that Jesus met her at the well, there was no Salvation available to anyone else other than Jews. Had she identified with and agreed with the Jews, she would have had salvation readily available.  Praise God, that Jesus said that He was sent to the ‘Lost Sheep of the House of Israel’ ( Mat 15:24) The Samaritan woman was a lost sheep who didn’t know who she really was in Christ.

When the enemy changes the name of someone from that which God has called them, he has successfully striped them of their Godly identity, attributes and destiny. In essence, he has formed them into his own image and likeness or at the very least, one of his choosing.

We see this in many natural circumstances. One example that immediately comes to mind is when people take on the title of their secular job as their identity. When we ask people, where do you work? Often times, they will respond with “I am a ….” , rather than “I work for ….”    They answered with a statement that tells us that the job has taken over their identity. Saints, we need to understand that God is our source and not our jobs. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take on the identity of the One who is our True Source rather some occupation?

Another example of this is in the assignment of nicknames. While some nicknames are cute, fun and don’t cause harm, others are very damaging indeed. We recently had the experience of speaking to a homeless individual. His other homeless friends had assigned to him a nickname.  The unfortunate part was that when we asked him what his given name was, he could not remember or would not say. He had been completely assimilated by his assigned homeless identity. His identity was changed. His attributes of his original person had been reassigned and his destiny altered.

We also see this in ‘Copy Catters’. We see this in people that imitate others. Yes, this happens in the Church too. There is the expression that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. And Apostle Paul said ‘Follow me as I follow Christ’. However, there is a point were imitation is no longer flattering and becomes downright creepy. There is a point where it becomes an obsession and has definitely stepped into abnormal behavior. There is a point where it becomes clear, that the spirits of pride, jealousy and competition are in operation.

God made everyone unique. We serve the God of All Creation. Creativity is His very nature.  Since man is made in His Image and Likeness, we have creativity. Christians following after Christ with a renewed mind should be even more creative!  When we imitate to the point past flattery, we have taken on someone else’s image and likeness. When we copy someone past the point of flattery, it becomes clear that the person has not taken time nor had the inclination to truly seek God to find out who they are in Him. God is joyful when He sees His people come into the fullness and uniqueness of who He has called them to be while reflecting His Glory.

The Samaritan woman copied the style, culture and behavior of the Samaritan culture rather reflecting the creativity, uniqueness and rich heritage of true Jewish culture.  We would be wise to become extremely aware of whenever the enemy uses circumstances, people or culture to attempt to change our Godly identity and heritage. We would be wise to learn to recognize the process in all of its subtle forms whenever he tries to remake us in his image and likeness. We would be wise take the time to seek the Lord and find out who He has called us to be. We would be wise not to assume that our identity is based off of our occupation, experiences or the misinformed declarations of ignorant people. Rather, learn who you are in Christ Jesus. Learn who He has called you to be. Learn of your Godly identity, attributes and destiny in Him.


Apostle Ric & Prophetess Kathy Steele

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